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Cloud Analytics Modernization

Our Vehicles are digital first devices that also happen to move on the road and help you deliver stuff. Our Cloud first approach makes our system easy to integrate with existing dispatching software, APi Sync Keys and ULIP (Unified Logistics Interface Platform)

Battery First Approach

Our Battery First Design and Manufacturing approach makes our vehicles perform with 20% higher range and 30% faster charging. Our batteries are made from Recycled plastics and have an End of Life Recovery Rate at 96.75%, highest in industry.

Versatility in Application

Our solutions are versatile making them suitable for multiple industries like Ecommerce, Food delivery, 10 Minute grocery delivery, Pharmacy, Subscription services, on road vendor services, Postal departments, Park patrolling etc

Full Customer Experience Service

Being a vertically integrated company we have ensured a Full stack Customer experience right from ordering the product to delivery, after sales, road side assistance as well as software platforms.

We Integrate With Your Ecosystem

The DARWYN Software suite is a sandbox of possibilities. Be it our proprietory RouteX platform for more efiicient EV routing and route optimization for fleets across sizes and geographies.

Reach out to us to work with our team of experts to help you make best use of modern technology to revolutionize your business.

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